About Us

ECO U.S.A is a leading PTFE recycler with the goal of effectively removing PTFE scrap from your production line.

Hence, we are always in the market for new sources of scrap from PTFE products including cores, rods, tubes, sheets, and other parts.

As the recycler, we have full control — from collecting to reprocessing your post-material waste…

We categorize and price PTFE scrap by grades and usability:

  • Grade 1 PTFE Scrap

    The ideal type of PTFE Scrap Grade 1, is for the crap to be clean and derived from virgin PTFE. Such PTFE type is unmodified, and without pigment and fillers. Examples of such Grade usually derives from obsolete parts, tubes, rods, cores, heavy tape punchings, and clean machine turnings without oil contamination.

  • Grade 2 PTFE Scrap

    Grade 2 PTFE scrap is clean and derived from partially-reprocessed or fully-reprocessed PTFE. Some easily removable contaminates are allowed.

  • Grade 3 PTFE Scrap

    Grade 3 PTFE scrap, is usually derived from products such as repressed PTFE, etched or degraded virgin. Other scrap under this category will contain hard-to-remove contaminates, such as rusty valve seats and gaskets. Heavy oil contamination from machine turnings also falls
    under this grade.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Silcotech North America

    "With one phone call to Eco USA, we made a significant dent in our waste management budget, improved our bottom line and reduced our company's carbon footprint. The program has been a win-win all around. Douglas R. Snider - QMS Administrator Silcotech North"

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