PTFE Recycling

PTFE Recycling Facts

Did you know? PTFE was discovered by DuPont, a research chemist in the year 1938. In 1941 it has been patented. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about 12,000 BTU’s of heat energy by recycling one pound of plastic pet bottles. 

With the rapid increase in global marketing, there is a wide use of plastic as an alternative material. The demand can be met from recycled plastic. Use of plastics has the capability to cause danger to both environment and human life.

In order to avoid this, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had taken up an action to recycle all the PTFE materials. Even the American society of plastics have identified and differentiated various types of plastics which is given a category number.

Need of PTFE has increased over the years, which are used in industries such as automotive, medical, food packaging, household and personal care. They are generally opaque and have good heat resistant characteristics. PTFE can be recycled into many other products and used for rods, tubing and sheets. It can be sterilized by using autoclave, gas, dry heat and chemical disinfectant. The recycled PTFE (known technically as “Reprocessed” or “Repro” PTFE)

Recycling Process of PTFE

Recycling of PTFE became common in industries as there is no chemical reaction is required. The PTFE scrap is grind into fine powder and then blend with pure PTFE that is used in compressions molding. To remove the inorganic compounds the scrap is first heated before grinding. Only the extruded forms can be recycled and separated from unwanted impurities and heated. Next it is put into a long strand, which is then cut down into small pallets and sent to industries that use as recycled material for their products.

Uses of Recycled PTFE

Most of the PTFE products are ground into powder which is used in inks, paints and cosmetics. Fiber filling for ski coats, fleece coat, polyester suits and more for cold areas is very prominent in developed countries. PTFE recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and save the environment. It’s even used for making plastic lumber, toys, park benches, car parts, drainage pipes and more. The recycled materials are graded as per plastic inputs by companies like ECO USA.

Economic Conditions of PTFE Recycling

PTFE recycling appears to be economic, which saves about 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. Its saves 12,000 BTU’s of heat energy by recycling one pound of plastic bottles. Oil consumption can also be reduced by recycling all the scrap plastics. The price of PTFE resins had reached some stability level globally.

Eco USA is a leading PTFE recycler who effectively removes PTFE scrap from your production line. We specialize in the development and production of high quality PTFE products. The company identifies three grades of PTFE scrap for specific uses.

ECO USA encourages more clients to work with in order to develop recycling solutions for their scrap and rejected goods by doing waste stream analysis. We help you to recycle the maximum quantity of materials for different uses. Once the materials are fed though the shedders or steam machines we issue a certificate of destruction.

If you are looking for the best 100% customer satisfied PTFE recycling solution provider, you can directly contact one of your known companies or else call ECO USA right now to build long time relationship by getting high-quality PTFE recycling results.

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